August 9, 2011


The library container was painted by local artists. We're so proud of the role it is playing in the community. Funds are needed to support maintenance, as well as staffing and programs for the community.

The students continue to learn computer skills -- and even the teachers had not touched a computer just 3 years ago! Our Education Fund helps to support the computer teacher as well as essential maintenance for the computer lab.

Books that we donated to the regional library system are now in libraries throughout the region. The system is starting many new outreach programs, including a Scrabble Tournament during Library Week. Here high school students are checking out a word in the Scrabble Dictionary provided to each team.

We recently received video from the Family Quilt Project at A.V. Bukani (see our entries from August 2009 below for more details).

View other videos about the project:
"Eileen Becomes Nosango"
"Learning from South African Families"

To support these literacy efforts in South Africa, please see our section on how to donate to the Kugler Education Fund at South Africa Partners.