How to donate

A.V. Bukani Primary School -- and the entire township of Nomatomsanqa -- now have one of the best school libraries in all of South Africa!  With great volunteer and monetary support, we shipped 25,000+ books to the school in a 40 foot shipping container, which is now the library itself.

The library is just one part of the work to improve literacy at A.V. Bukani. Your donation helps fund wide-ranging supports for the school, including upkeep of the library, professional materials and training for the teachers, part of the salary of a computer teacher, and ongoing support for the computer lab.

If you would like to continue the progress at A.V. Bukani, please write a tax-deductible check to South Africa Partners with "Kugler Education Fund" in the memo section. Mail check to:

South Africa Partners
89 South Street, Suite 401
Boston, MA 02111

You can also donate online at SA Partners
 Make sure you put in "Donation for the Kugler Education FundPlease send acknowledgement of this donation to:" under "additional comments" on the form.

If you make a donation, please send us a separate email at . That is our way to double-check that your donation was put into The Kugler Education Fund at South Africa Partners. (SA Partners has numerous other ongoing projects.)

Thanks for making a difference in the lives of children for years to come!