June 10, 2010

Books Began Their Journey!

We did it -- and I do mean WE! Yesterday Larry and I watched some 25,000 books be stacked onto pallets, shrink wrapped, and then put into a moving van. Next stop, Chesapeake, Va., where the shipping container awaits. The shipment leaves June 19 (update 6/21 - ship now scheduled to leave 6/23).

As the moving van drove off, Larry and I had that little pit in our stomachs we had when our older child Sara left on that kindergarten bus. Sure, we'll see our "babies" again, but a lot will happen between now and then!

Creating this library was far more of an undertaking than Larry and I ever imagined. We remain committed to the concept that no book would be included if it wasn't good enough for our own children; and that the books needed to be library-ready or they would just sit in boxes. We could never have done that without enormous help from dedicated volunteers. Some were long-time friends. Some were new friends we met through this process. We feel blessed to have worked alongside each one.

We also appreciate the extraordinary donations that supported this project, including the shipping costs. In addition to the incredible help provided by school librarians throughout this project, the Association of School Librarians of of Fairfax County raised nearly $500 at their annual Spring tea. After reading about our project in the Washington Post, Debby Hanrahan and Friends of Ross Elementary School, a Dupont Circle neighborhood organization, organized a fundraiser for us in Washington, with donations of more than $3000 raised in one afternoon! We thank the many, many donors who have supported this project and continue to do so. You make this possible!!
If you would like to contribute toward shipping costs as well as supporting the continuing project to improve literacy at A.V. Bukani Primary School, please see our page on "How to Donate." We appreciate each donation. And you know exactly where and how it is spent.